Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Services (Detox)
24/7 Medical Monitoring

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center's highly trained and compassionate medical and clinical staff will review client information to ensure they are able to provide the client with the utmost quality of care and ensure their safety remains the highest priority while we begin the admissions process.

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Clinically Managed High Intensity Residential Services (Inpatient Treatment)

  • 30/60/90 Day Inpatient Programs
  • Guided, Supportive and Individualized
  • 24/7 Professional Clinical Support
  • Family Counseling

Partial Hospitalization Services (Day Treatment)

  • 6 hrs/day
  • Monday- Saturday
  • Personalized

Day Treatment

  • Monday- Friday 8:00am- 3:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am- 12:00pm


Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy for Addiction
Healing with Horses

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is a residential program in Great Falls providing inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addictions. We have been in business for over 32 years and have treated thousands of individuals and their families. We employ a variety of programmming with our clients, including individual, group, and family counseling. Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is one of a limited number of addiction treatment programs nationally and the only program in Montana to offer Equine Therapy. The Rocky Mountain Treatment Center’s horse program is located at Eagle Mount of Great Falls. Clients at Rocky are encouraged to elect to participate in this highly effective program.

Jessica Hofer is a Licensed Addiction Counselor at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center who recently received certification from the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International as a PATH certified instructor. Historically, horse therapy has proven highly effective with children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities. Recent studies support that horse therapy, while valuable and necessary, is primarily conducted in a clinical setting. Equine Therapy for addiction adds an experiential dimension that compliments other therapeutic work.

The premise is quite simple: Human beings can and do mask truth through language. Those in the throes of addiction have become dependent upon the manipulation of truth as a way to preserve, protect and continue their addiction. Horses communicate primarily non-verbally and are open with their feelings and emotions. Horses have the wonderful ability to mirror a person’s internal emotional condition, which reveals areas where therapeutic progress can be made. Clients learn about themselves by experiencing direct, hands-on exercises that raise awareness and develop better interpersonal skills, such as maintaining healthy boundaries, recognizing emotions they are experiencing and gives them tools to improve previously damaged communication skills. Better communication skills means better relationships; better relationships promote healing and recovery.

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Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is a 26 bed converted historic building located in Great Falls, Montana. The facility is located in a private residential area instead of a hospital facility so that they feel more at home.

The staff at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center believe that successful addiction treatment requires individualized treatment of the entire person based on a biopsychosocial model of care. This includes physical, emotional, behavioral, family, social, and spiritual needs. They provide a personalized visit for their clients so the clients know that they are not just a number. Their success is also the facility’s success and they strive to make a difference because the client’s become part of their our family.

Rocky Mountain Treatment Center also focuses on life outside of addiction…. They find client’s personal qualities and help enhance them during their treatment program. They will assist in helping the client’s find themselves again.


Family Counseling for Addiction Program Includes:

Family Education – A day-long workshop to educate families on the disease of addiction, self-care, and co-dependency (co-addiction), how to cope and create healthy boundaries, and provide support for the recovery of their loved one.

Family Group Counseling– Helps clients and family members to understand how addiction has affected family relationships and provides education, practice in healthy communication and support in reconnecting family members in a positive way. These group sessions allow clients and family to start open lines of communication, which sets the foundation for the entire family to start to rebuild their relationships.

Family Individual Counseling – Unites families with their loved ones in an individual combined therapy session. In addition to family drug and alcohol counseling, Rocky Mountain Treatment Center incorporates family input in aftercare planning (as per authorization granted by each client) with the client’s loved ones. The staff also offer video conference services for family members unable to be physically present.

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Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is a Medically Monitored Detox and Residential Facility for alcohol and drug addictions. The facility is a 26 bed converted historic building located in beautiful downtown Great Falls, Montana.
The facility is located in a private residential area instead of a hospital facility so that client’s feel more at home. They have been in business for over 32 years and have treated thousands of individuals and their families. The Professional staff maintain a variety of programs with their clients, to include Individual, Group and Family Counseling. Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is one of a limited number of addiction treatment programs nationally and the only program in Montana to offer Equine Therapy.

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Rocky Mountain Facility

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  1. Proper fitting shirts, sweatshirts, blouses (midriff, tank and halter tops are not permitted along with see through, clingy and/or tight clothing). T-shirts must not advertise alcohol or drugs; have any sexual wording and/or sexual images. If you are in doubt, please leave it at home.
  2. Proper fitting jeans, slacks, and sweatpants. Shorts are permitted but no higher then our fingertips when your hands are down at your sides. No cut off miniskirts, booty shorts and/or saggy pants.
  3. Underclothing which includes bras and underwear.
  4. Shoes and socks. Also please bring flip flops for shower as bare feet are not permitted.
  5. Pajamas (modest), robe and slippers. Lingerie is not permitted.
  6. Hair Dryer, curling iron, minimum makeup.
  7. Personal Hygiene items. This can include: hairspray, mousse, gel, shampoo, conditioner, comb/ brush, toothbrush, soap, razor, shaving cream, deodorant and for females personal feminine products.
  8. Current prescription medication must be in original packaging.
  9. Photo ID, Driver’s License, Military ID, and Health Insurance Card.
  10. We advise to bring no more than $150.00 cash. This will be locked inside the nurses station.
  11. Room decorations such as family photos are permitted. We ask that you not bring any other material unless it is approved before admission. String instruments are allowed.
  1. Drug paraphernalia, illegal drugs, over the counter drugs, mood altering drugs
  2. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages
  3. Any aerosol containers
  4. Toiletries that contain alcohol. Including; colognes, perfumes, aftershave lotion, mouthwash, etc.
  5. Electronics of any kind. This includes cameras. If you bring a phone it will be returned to you at the end of your stay.
  6. Food items, such as candy, coffee, chewing gum, etc.
  7. Expensive jewelry. We do encourage you to wear your wedding ring if worn 24/7.
  8. Nail polish and remover
  9. Weapons and/or anything that could be used as a weapon. This does include pocket knives.
  10. Lighter fluid or Butane lighters.