Reviews and Testimonials.

A Special Thanks to Professionals
Professionals all working together to assist individuals struggling with addiction.

Dennis D.

Hello, my name is Dennis and I'm an alcoholic.  I had the great fortune and blessing to be a patient at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center 1 year ago.  In two weeks, I'll have been sober for 1 year.  This was my 3rd treatment in 40 years of hardcore drinking.  This was, by far, the best, as evidenced by my upcoming birthday.  I feel a special bond with the RMTC staff, Admissions, administrative, counseling, and support personnel.  Mary in Admissions kept in almost constant contact with me by phone, prior to my arriving here, offering great encouragement and support on my way.  Even offering a shuttle to pick me up.  The entire staff welcomed me with open arms and a genuine concern for my recovery.  As I approach my 1st year sobriety birthday, I am extremely grateful and owe my new life to this program.  Whenever, I'm in the area, I will always stop by to express that gratitude.  God bless you all for the good you do and the lives you save.  Thank you for saving mine.

Lee M.

My name is Lee M.  I am an alcoholic, and have suffered from this terrible disease for many years.  I recently moved to the Northwest, and upon arrival at my new home I had a tragedy happen in my life.  It sent me spiraling downward.  I knew I had to do something or I would die.  I remember being in a Behavioral Health Unit at a local Hospital trying to learn about various treatment centers with the Social Worker.  Then I called Mary at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center.  She immediately calmed me down, as I was frantic.  She has this way of becoming your best friend instantly.  She shared with me the details of the program, and when it came time for me to transfer to the treatment center, she personally came to pick me up.  This is a woman who has many hats to wear, is constantly pulled in many directions, and somehow she keeps it altogether.  She drove 2 hours each way, and we just chatted the whole way.  She is so calming, caring, and nurturing.  I instantly felt right at home, even though I was going through personal Hell.  When my insurance stated they weren’t covering my care, she worked diligently to try to sort it out.  She continued to check on me throughout my 30 day stay.  She was there for me….whenever I needed her.   I relapsed eight months later, and returned to the treatment center for detox.  Once again she was at the front door, hugging me, and telling me I was going to be okay.  My insurance covered most of the cost, but when I had to come up with the deductible she worked with me to set up a payment plan.  Again – she understands what her patients are going through, and takes personal responsibility for their safety – in all of its forms.   Mary is insanely smart, very funny, extremely caring and most of all, she truly cares about those people suffering from addiction.   It’s her passion, as well as her vocation.  She personally ensures her patients are in a safe haven and given the tools and support to set them up for success.   Addiction is terrible.  Mary sheds huge rays of light on the darkest of times.   She is my personal angel. Lee M.  alcoholic